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Offering the best and affordable solutions while solving problems others can’t.

Website Design & Hosting to I.T. Solutions

We have been in I.T. since 2003, and website design since 2008, based in Lubbock. Offering the best practices, equipment, and pricing for any business large or small. Only wanting the best solutions to any problem given – We take pride in being able to fix problems others can’t. Not being a ‘one-stop’ shop offering 100’s of products, We concentrate on what matters to the business’s.

  • Website Design

  • Website Hosting

  • Wireless Internet Access

  • Business & Home Networking Solutions

  • Social Wi-Fi

  • Wireless Network Installation & Management

Website Design

Website design for any business, large or small.

Affordability for ANY size business

Website design shouldn’t cost thousands, We make it affordable.

Wireless Internet Access

Internet Access for Lubbock & Surrounding

Servicing Lubbock & Beyond

We offer Wireless Internet Access from 5 – 200 Megs / Sec around the city & surrounding communities.

Social WiFi

Empower Your Business Using Social WiFi

Gain reputation by Wi-Fi

Gain likes, and a social following by offering Wi-Fi to customers.

I.T. Support

We care about your site as much as you do, you can count on us for theme support.

You Can Count On Us

We thrive on our users, and want to see everyone happy when using Avada.

Website Hosting

Web hosting with features that matter.

Unleash The Power of Real Hosting

Private servers, Fast backbone, and dedicated support.

Complete I.T. Solutions

Complete your business I.T. with a 'one-call' solution provider.

Solutions that matter !

We solve problems others can’t. Networking & Wi-Fi for your business or Corporate network.

Website Design turned into Reality !

Many factors go into website design, not just the looks. Quite a few people think a ‘website is just a website’, but its not. A website is a reflection of your business, image, and products available. With designs, coding, and factors changing constantly – We take everything into consideration. Business, large or small, has different needs, designs and practices in place. Not every business can use a ‘cookie-cutter’ website design – and shouldn’t. We practice ‘White-Hat’ SEO ( Search engine optimization ) techniques to get the best ORGANIC results possible, for every website design done. Taking pride, time, patience, and more into each and every one of Our sites and Clients. Listening to the needs of each of Our clients – and making each site their Own.

  • Responsive Web Design

  • Speed Optimization

  • S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization

  • Private hosting servers

  • Real Data Center Hosting !

Important Blog Updates

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    Why use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

    Why use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)? Overview A Content Delivery Network (CDN) works by providing alternative server nodes for users to download resources (usually static content like images and JavaScript). These nodes spread throughout the world, therefore being geographically closer to your users, [...]

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