Lubbock is covered by three main providers. Both Suddenlink Communications NTS, and AT&T U-verse offer wired internet access to most business’s of Lubbock. Additionally, business’s in Lubbock have multiple fixed wireless options that may reach areas not served by the wired providers.

From providers offering small business internet plans, to enterprise providers specializing in IP transit and multi location networking, there are multiple providers offering business internet options in Lubbock. Connectivity options include fixed wireless, DSL, cable, fiber, and copper.

business-internet-wireless-lubbockWireless Internet Service Provider by Wiki is defined as :

A wireless Internet service provider (WISP) is an Internet service provider with a network based on wireless networking. Technology may include commonplace Wi-Fiwireless mesh networking, or proprietary equipment designed to operate over open 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 4.9, 5, 24, and 60 GHz bands or licensed frequencies in the UHFband (including the MMDS frequency band), LMDS, and other bands from 6Ghz to 80Ghz.”

In Lubbock, Slaton, Levelland, Wollforth, there is another option for wireless internet. Not every home can get the main hard wired companies – and people tend to lean on satellite. Satellite internet is available everywhere – but with high restrictions.

We have partnered with a Wireless Internet Provider here in Lubbock – that can get faster speeds than DSL at a reasonable cost. Utilizing the best Ubiquiti technology and a point to point system – We can help bring internet to your business and office. A point to point internet is described as : Wiki


“In computer networking, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) is a data link (layer 2) protocol used to establish a direct connection between two nodes. It can provide connection authentication, transmission encryption (using ECP, RFC 1968), and compression.

PPP is used over many types of physical networks including serial cable, phone line, trunk line, cellular telephone, specialized radio links, and fiber optic links such as SONET. PPP is also used over Internet access connections. Internet service providers (ISPs) have used PPP for customer dial-up access to the Internet, since IP packets cannot be transmitted over a modem line on their own, without some data link protocol.

Two derivatives of PPP, Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) and Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM (PPPoA), are used most commonly by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to establish a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Internet service connection with customers.”

If you are looking for business ( commercial ) wireless internet – Give Us a shout or fill out the form below. We will be in contact with you very soon with options available.

Please understand Point to point wireless internet requires a clear line of Site to the towers, not available in all areas.

Equipment is purchased, and mounted sorta like a satellite dish. No big huge dish though. Wireless equipment is typically about a foot in size, or smaller. Pricing can vary depending on a few factors. Give Us a shout – and We can see what solutions work best for you.

  • Typically only required if you have a server, or etc..
  • Do you need a WiFi Router ?
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Best Internet in Lubbock !

Best wireless internet in Lubbock ! If you need internet for your business or even your home, don't deal with the data caps of other companies. Running over 8 computers, multiple TV's, laptops and more - this net keeps up. Affordable rates, excellent customer service - can't ask for more !