Design Lubbock gives up to 8 SSIDs to your access point and adds a built-in splash page. The Splash Page is simple to setup for you, and super-simple for the Wi-Fi clients as well: no more Wi-Fi clients stuck during the authentication process.


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Through Design Lubbock splash page, that includes social login capabilities and many other features, you can collect extremely useful data (e-mail addresses, phone numbers, behavioral information) and share it with your customers through the Social Dashboard.


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Building a splash page with the new Design Lubbock Splash Page editor is super-easy. You can simply drag and drop the elements from the left component bar, and customize them through the control panel.

Every splash page that you create is responsive, and you can easily check how it’s seen from any mobile device through the “Device preview” panel.


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Thanks to Design Lubbock seamless roaming, the Wi-Fi clients can surf the web continuously, moving from one AP to the other.

If a captive portal is in place, the client do not see the splash page again after authentication.

Design Lubbock seamless roaming doesn’t require to set all the access points on the same channel, so you can avoid interference between the devices.


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The “Remember me” feature allows clients to connect automatically when they return to a Wi-Fi area they’ve already been in. Malls, retail shops, schools, colleges, offices and restaurants now offer to the end users a home-like experience.


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The Design Lubbock Cloud Dashboard is the easy-to use, cloud-based dashboard to remote monitor any number of access points. In one building, across the city, or in other states.

Cloud management, made simple.


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You can easily replace a broken AP with a new one. Simply give Us call to get a replacement unit on its way – if equipment is leased. Own the equipment, get a new AP installed and configured within 10 minutes ! You won’t lose your SSID settings and the hotspot statistics!


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If a new configuration isn’t working, the access point rolls back to the previous functioning configuration and recovers by itself.

You can learn by doing, and make mistakes, because your network will always auto-recover and stay operational. Option only available for purchased or owned equipment, not leased.


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