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Wi-Fi Social Login: grow your Facebook reach

Tanaza: the all-in-one software for social hotspot, data capture and analytics

Deploying Social Wi-Fi helps any type of business boosting its social visibility and increasing brand awareness.

Through Design Lubbock’s Wi-Fi Authentication Splash Page, that includes social login capabilities and many other features, users can log in using their favorite social network: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Windows Live and VKontakte.

Design Lubbock is 100% compliant with Facebook policies. Wi-Fi clients are encouraged to check-in at the venue on Facebook; once connected, they can interact with the business Facebook Page and Like it (optional).

Facebook check-in and Facebook Like

The Facebook application developed by Design Lubbock allows Wi-Fi Facebook Login and incentivizes users to do a “Facebook Check-in” at the location while connecting to the Wi-Fi network. Thanks to “progressive engagement”, users are encouraged to “check-in” to connect, and then they’re redirected to the Facebook Page.

On the Facebook Page, they are 100% free to interact with the brand – by reading the Facebook Page timeline, sharing stories, and Like the Facebook Page.

The Wi-Fi clients won’t be stuck during the authentication process and you will boost your engagement rate!

Social Wi-Fi


By deploying a Design Lubbock Social Wi-Fi HotSpot, you enhance the customer experience and boost social engagement.

Social Wi-Fi supports every kind of loyalty marketing campaign. Customers are engaged while they’re using the Wi-Fi and they are more likely to appreciate discounts/offers, buy, love a brand or a product, or to interact with the brand on social media.


Social Wi-Fi increases the results of the lead nurturing process. It enhances the customers’ experience and it helps taking data-driven decisions. Social Wi-Fi helps you generating more on-line and off-line conversions.