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We have built many sites, as You can see in Our portfolio. We try and make the design, setup, and everything as simple as possible. We don’t want you to get confused, or stressed during the process.

Steps for Development


You Buy Your Domain

If you buy your domain with any ‘registrar’ or with Us – We can work with it ! We can point the domain to Our servers for hosting*.

 NO charge for pointing / Domains available 

We Buy Your Domain

We will buy, manage, setup, and implement your domain as long as you have the site.

$ 20 yearly & 10 Yearly for Domain Privacy


You Host Your Website

If you currently already have hosting for a DIY website, let Us know. We can utilize the space while it is paid for already, and save you money. We don’t like anyone double paying – for anything. Utilizing a ‘licensing’ system for Our coding and design.


We Host Your Website

We will host your website, email and everything on Our servers ( secured, private, and FAST ! ) Give you access via a cPanel, with different options to choose from. Unlimited email accounts, fast servers, redundant servers and more !



Do-it-Yourself Plan

If you feel like you are up for a DIY project, more power to Ya’. Designing a website isn’t a easy task, but some people like to try themselves first. If you choose to do DIY – We will assist you via code, implementation, theme design and more – but at a HOURLY rate. Sometimes not the best idea – but if you only need a little help – Well…Ask Us.

Ask for Pricing

‘Fast & Ready’ Plan

So you need a website…but run a business, have kids, mow yards, practically you have a life. Everyone does, and websites take time ! Under any design plan – We will build, design, implement, code, and get your site up and running. Either from a basic site to a full blow E-Commerce website. During the process We will ask a few things from you – but its mostly ‘hands off’ and its fast ! Price depends on what you need. We price our websites on a ‘case by base’ basis. “Packages” are well… for a store – not a website.

Designs starting at only $ 199 up front !

Custom Design / E-Commerce

Every website is different and that is why We don’t offer “packages”. If you think you need something more than a basic website ( 5-7 pages ), or need to sell your stuff online…Contact Us.